Tips On How to Paint Glossy Furniture Without Sanding?

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Can you paint high-glossy furniture without sanding? How to paint glossy furniture without sanding? Painting your furniture is one of the ideal and also affordable ways to restore interior appearance. And you can do this task easily by following 3 easy steps sanding, priming, and painting. But you should skip SANDING if you are going to paint high-glossy furniture.

Although sanding the furniture is one of the crucial steps to painting your furniture, it can mess up the glossiness of your high-glossy furniture. Fortunately, you can paint your glossy furniture without sanding by following some easy steps.

In this article, I will describe step by step procedure to paint any high-glossy furniture without sanding them. So, continue reading this article, know the best practice and paint your glossy furniture today without any hassle!

What type of paint is best for Glossy furniture?

When you are going to paint your glossy furniture, then it is really crucial to get the best paint to get the task done successfully. So, you may now ask what type of paint is best for high-glossy furniture. You could use any paint for painting your glossy furniture if you prepared it properly.

YES! you can use chalk, acrylic, the latest paint, and enamel paint to paint your glossy furniture. However, chalk paint and acrylic paint are two of the best options. These formulas offer excellent finishes, dry quickly, and make any furniture aesthetic.

Moreover, you can also use both brush-on paint and spray paint for painting furniture. While the brush-on formula offers a professional quality finish, spray paint lets you apply the paint easily and quickly and ensures an excellent finish. However, spray paints are relatively expensive compared to regular brush-on paints.

Here is the top 2 best paint for furniture:

Country Chic Chalk Style Brush-on Paint

Rust-Oleum Universal high gloss spray paint

How to Paint Glossy Furniture Without Sanding: Step-By-Step Guide

Now I’ll go through the step-by-step procedure of painting glazing furniture without sanding. Let’s explore this step-by-step process to paint your high-glazing furniture without sanding.

Step-01: Clean your furniture First

The first step of painting your high-glossy furniture without sanding is properly cleaning the furniture’s surface. Dust, oil, as well as other particles accumulate on furniture surfaces over time. So, you must remove those dust and oily particles from the surface since they can prevent the paint from sticking well.

So, all you have to do is wipe the furniture surface with a clean and dry cloth. Keep in mind that you should not use water to clean your furniture since water can damage the material. You can use a surface cleaner agent to clean the furniture.

Step-02: Remove the Parts

If you are going to paint furniture like a wardrobe or a showcase that includes several parts like drawers, additional doors or even other things, then you should remove those parts. It will help you easily access everything and make the entire task more convenient.

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Step-03: Repair the Furniture

Now observe if your furniture for any damage, such as perforations or deep scratches. If you find any damage to your furniture, you should repair it. You can use any wood filler like Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit to repair deep scratches and perforations as well.

After applying the wood filler to the damaged area, let it dry completely. After drying the filler, sand those particular areas where you applied the wood filler. And you should use low-grit sandpaper, such as 60-grit sandpaper, to sand those areas.

Step-04: Apply Primer

Now you may ask, should I apply primer to my furniture before applying paint? And the simple answer is YES! You should apply primer to your furniture before applying any paint to it. Priming aids in sealing in stains, produces a smoother, more uniform finish, as well as promotes improved adhesion between the paint and the surface.

So, all you need to do is get the best primer for your furniture. Water-based primer is the best option to prime high-glossy furniture. And you should apply multiple primer coatings to the furniture. ZINSSER Water-Based Stain Blocking Primer is the best option for priming any furniture. You can also use Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Primer to prime your furniture.

So, apply a coat of primer on all the furniture’s surfaces and wait until this coat dries completely. After drying the primer’s first coating, apply another coat and let it dry. Be patient and let the prime dry, and then move to the further step.

Step-05: Apply Paint

Now we are in the final step of painting Glossy Furniture Without Sanding. YES! Now it is time to apply paint to your furniture. If you are going to use brush-on paint, get the best paintbrush and apply the paint in smooth strokes. For optimal results, utilize a nylon bristle paintbrush of superior quality.

For an even finish, go over the prior stroke with a brush. If a drop occurs, re-brush the affected area to stop the flow and smooth it before continuing. Apply 2 to 3 light coats of paint, and let each coat dry completely.

Note: You can also use spray paint, which makes it super easy to apply to the furniture.

Step-06: Apply Top Coat

The top coat adds an additional layer of glossy and also hardens as well as protects the paint. Water-based clear top coats can be paired with water-based painting; on the other hand, oil-based clear top coats can be paired with oil-based painting.

When spraying the top coat, move the spray can back as well as forth and also maintain a distance of 10-12 inches. You can apply multiple layers of top coat to your furniture to get the optimal finish.

Step-07: Let it dry and install the parts

Now leave your furniture to dry completely before starting to use them. You should let them dry for at least 20 hours before use. So, after fully drying, reinstall all the parts and start using your furniture again.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, you can paint your glossy furniture without sanding by following several methods. If you are willing to know how to paint glossy furniture without sanding, then this article may help you a lot. Here I discussed the best, in fact, most effective procedure to paint your glossy furniture without sanding. So, you can now follow these step-by-step processes to get the job done successfully.

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