Discover The Secrets: How To Paint Cheap Laminate Furniture Like A Pro?

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Painting cheap laminate furniture can give it an aesthetic appearance and make the cheap furniture look like expensive one!

YES! Painting your cheap laminate furniture is a great way to transform its poor look into an impressive one. However, knowing how to paint cheap laminate furniture is essential to get the job done efficiently.

Fortunately, painting cheap laminate furniture is not a complicated task. You can easily paint any of your cheap laminate furniture and transform its appearance. All you have to do is follow the best and most effective procedure for painting it.

So, if you are willing to know how you can paint your cheap laminate furniture, this article is going to be very handy for you. Here I will discuss the most simple and effective procedure to paint cheap laminate furniture. So, keep browsing this article, know the process and start to paint your furniture today.

Best Paint for Laminate Furniture

When you are going to paint your cheap laminate furniture, getting the best paint is the first and foremost thing to do. There are a lot of paints available, but not all paints are suitable for laminate surfaces. So, you should choose the best paint.

What type of paint should I use for painting laminate furniture?

Acrylic Latex paint is the perfect way to go through in terms of painting cheap laminate furniture. Acrylic latex paint is compatible with laminate surfaces and also offers an excellent finish, even on cheap surfaces. This paint type also has some protective features and can retain color longer.

What paint finish is best for laminate furniture?

When painting laminate furniture, there are three major finishes: eggshell, satin, and gloss. Their sheen levels are what differentiate these finishes the most. The different brands will have a minor difference in this. However, eggshell is the least glossy of the 3 finishes.

When compared to satin and gloss, eggshell has a low sheen level and almost has a matte look. Metal and woodwork are both ideally suited to satin or satinwood treatments, which offer a velvety mid-sheen finish. When painting furniture, satin is often the finish of choice.

Glossy is a beautiful choice if you want to make a statement, especially if you’re utilizing primary colors. It is simple to maintain and reflects a lot of light, but it should only be applied to highly smooth surfaces. However, it is crucial to prepare your surface if you choose a gloss finish properly.

Other supplies that you will need

Let’s take a look at the essential supplies that you will need to start the paintwork project.


Choosing the best sandpaper for laminate furniture is really important since if you use sandpaper that is not suitable for a laminate; it can irritate the surface. For sanding laminate furniture, you should use mid-grit sandpaper, like 180 to 220-grit sandpaper.


It is really essential to prime the surface before applying paint. This is because priming the surface will help the paint stick well on the surface and provide an impressive finish. It also helps the paint to ensure more durability and retain color longer. And water-based or latex primer is the best option for priming laminate surfaces.

Paint Brush

If you would like to use brush-on paint and have purchased brush-on paint for painting your laminate furniture, then you should also get a premium quality paintbrush. This is because the quality of the paintbrush has a lot of impact on the ultimate finish. And you can use either a regular brush or a roller brush to paint your laminate furniture.

Wood Filler [Optional]

Wood filler is a handy and effective component that can help you immensely during any furniture paintwork project. Wooden furniture in our homes suffers various damages over time, such as deep perforations and even deep scratches. Wood Filler is a convenient product that helps repair these damages quickly.

Sandpaper:Fandeli 36027 Multi-Purpose Sandpaper
Wood Filler:Elmer’s, Natural E868 Carpenter’s Wood Filler
Primer:INSL-X Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer
Paint:Country Chic chalk style brush-on Paint
Rust-Oleum 249125 Painter’s Touch Spray paint
Paintbrush:Pro Grade Paint Brush Set

How to Paint Cheap Laminate Furniture?

Now I’ll discuss the step-by-step process of painting cheap laminate furniture. Follow these step-by-step procedures, paint your furniture, and give it an aesthetic appearance.

Step-01: Prepare Your Furniture

Good preparation is essential before starting to paint your cheap laminate furniture. This preparation is associated with several things like parts removal, cleaning, and preparing damage.

So, you must remove several parts you don’t want to paint from your furniture. Then clean the surface of your laminate furniture thoroughly. It would be best if you used a dry clean cloth for cleaning tasks.

After cleaning the furniture, now check whether your furniture has any severe damage like deep scratches. If it has, repair those damages using Wood Filler and move to the further step.

Step-02: Sand the Furniture

After cleaning the surface and applying wood filler, you now have to sand the surface. Rubbing laminate furniture with sandpaper helps the primer/paint coat stick well to the surface.

Sanding also helps to level those areas where you applied wood filler to repair damages. After sanding, clean the furniture again.

Step-03: Prime Your Laminate Furniture

Before applying paint to the laminate furniture, it is crucial to prime your furniture’s surface. However, it is much more crucial for cheap laminate furniture. This is because priming the surface can help the paint stick well as well as help the paint to provide a premium-quality finish, even on a cheap surface.

So, get the best primer and a high-quality paintbrush or roller. Make sure the primer you use for painting laminate surfaces specifically states that it is for shining surfaces. You should apply at least 2 coats of primer to get the best outcomes. After priming the surface, let it thoroughly dry.

Step-04: Apply the Paint

Now it is time to apply paint to your cheap laminate furniture. Whether you are going to use brush-on paint or spray paint, you should apply at least 2 coats to get a professional finish.

So, get the best paint for your laminate furniture, and if you get brush-on paint, you should also purchase a premium quality brush.

Now apply a thin coat of paint in one direction; it will help you reduce brush marks on the surface. After applying the first coat, let it dry thoroughly. After drying the first coat, you should apply another thick coat of paint as well as let it dry completely before using your furniture again.

Step-05: Reinstall the Parts

After the furniture’s surface or the paint coating is completely dry, reinstall the previously removed parts. And then, place your furniture in the designated place and start using it again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Paint Laminate Furniture?

YES! You can paint any laminate furniture. In fact, it is super easy to paint your laminate furniture. However, you should follow the proper procedure to complete the job.
And more importantly, you have to get all the required and suitable supplies for painting your laminate furniture.

Can you paint over the laminate without sanding?

YES! It is possible to paint over a laminate surface without sanding. However, sanding the surface before applying paint is an ideal way to go through it. This is because sanding the surface will help the paint/primer to stick well.

Can I use Spray Paint to paint laminate furniture?

You can use both spray paint and brush-on paint for painting laminate furniture. However, spray paint makes the application process much easier and lets you complete the ultimate project faster than brush-on paint. But this paint is relatively expensive.

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