How To Paint Shutters With A Brush Like A Pro: 5 Simple Steps

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Do you want to make your old shutters look better and newer?

Well, the best way to do so is by covering them with a coat of fresh paint. Painting the shutters can be done at home without the need for any professional help. You can do it with the help of a brush.

Are you wondering how to paint it?

Do not worry as we are here to help you with a complete guide on how you can prepare your old shutter for painting as well as how to paint shutters with a brush. Read on to get a detailed step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-Step Guide – Paint A Shutter With Brush

If you are here, it means that you are ready to take on a DIY project to paint your old shutters with a brush. While you must be prepared with a good quality painting brush and a paint of your preferred color, you need to make sure that you are following some steps in order to paint the shutter. We have provided detailed information about how you can paint. Here are the steps to be followed:

Step #1: Get the Supplies Ready

When you are preparing to paint the old shutter, you will need to bring all the supplies that are necessary. Some of the essential supplies are:

  • An angled brush to paint
  • Stepladder to reach the top
  • A tape for painters
  • The paint (preferred color)
  • A shutter cleaner

Once all your supplies are ready, you can move on to the next step to paint your shutters with the help of a brush.

Step #2: Clean the Shutter

Cleaning the shutter before you start to paint is very important. If the shutter is not properly cleaned, you will fail to get a smooth finish, and even the paint will not last long. So, start by cleaning the shutters. You can use commercial cleaners for cleaning your shutters. If you have a vinyl shutter, then use trisodium phosphate cleaners. The instructions for cleaning the shutters will be provided in the container. You just have to read and follow the steps properly. Make sure to wear the gloves as well as the safety glasses before you start. Cleaning the shutter properly will help to prepare the surface for the paint.

Step #3: Start Painting the Recessed Part

Now that your old shutter is properly cleaned and smoothened, you are ready to start the painting. Before you start to paint, use the painter tape to apply it on any part that you want to save from the paint. It can be the locks, siding, trim or anything. After that, just like the door, you have to start the painting from the recessed parts first. So, pour the pain onto your handy pail. It makes it quite easy to take the paint on the brush and paint. Make sure to start with the lower portion first before you move to the upper portion or the top.

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Step #4: Paint the Whole Shutter

Using the angled brush, you have to paint the entire shutter carefully. Make sure that you are not leaving any surface untouched. Cover the entire shutter with the paint properly. The best thing is that you have applied a tap on the parts that should not be painted. Once the entire shutter is completely painted, leave it like that to dry. The total time taken to dry can depend on different factors like the paint quality, weather conditions, and more. Do not rip off the painter’s tape yet, as you will need to give the second coat.

Step #5: Prepare for the Second Coat

Even though you feel that the paint coverage is really good, a second coat of paint is always essential. So, when the first coat of paint dries off, you have to start preparing for the second coat. You need to follow the same instructions that you have followed in Step #3 and Step #4. Once the entire shutter is coated with the second layer of paint, you will have to let the paint dry off completely. Once the paint is completely dried off, you can rip off the tape from the siding, trim, or anywhere you have applied it. But make sure to be careful and gentle while ripping it off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have to take the shutters down before painting?

While most of the professionals will take the shutter down while painting, you can do it even without that. You have to use a good quality angled brush and a painter tape in order to protect the sidings and trims from getting painted.

Can I paint without applying the tape?

The painters tape is applied over surfaces to protect them from getting painted accidentally. So, if you have confidence in yourself that you can cut in as well as get those edges painted properly without touching other surfaces, then you can.

How to remove the paint from the sidings?

In case the paint touches the sidings accidentally, then you need to remove it immediately. To do that, you can rub it off with a clean cloth. But if you notice the paint after it is dried, then take a bit of alcohol and rub it over the surface to take off or remove the paint successfully.

How many coats are essential for the shutters?

As discussed above, a minimum of two coats of paint is essential for painting your shutter. You need to get the best coverage. Even though the first coat can provide you with optimum coverage, you have to go for the second coat to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, from all the steps mentioned above, it will be helpful for you to paint the old shutters efficiently with a brush. Also, we have answered all the most frequently asked questions that people ask about painting the shutters. This is one of the simplest DIY projects that you can take care of without the need for any professionals. In case you are not able to, then it is better to call for a professional painter who can help you to paint all your old shutters effectively.

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