How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Door and Frame?

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Painting your door and frame is one of the best ways to improve their appearance and save them from damage. However, you may want to know How much does it cost to paint a door and frame. Knowing the exact cost of painting will help you make detailed choices and guarantee that you achieve your desired outcomes.

The cost of painting a door can range between $70 to $300, while frame painting can cost between $50 to $150. This cost includes paint, primer, and other supplies costs, as well as labor costs. However, this estimated cost can vary a lot depending on several factors.

Meanwhile, there are several ways through which you can save a lot of money from painting your Door and Frame. In this article, I’ll discuss all the associated costs with painting your doors and frames, as well as I’ll discuss the ways you can save money.

So, let’s get started:

How much does it cost to paint a door?

The ultimate cost of painting an interior door depends on several things. Door size, door type, material, paint, and primer type have a major impact on the ultimate cost. However, the average cost of painting a door can range between $70 to $300.

Moreover, if you’re willing to paint your door yourself, it will cost you less than hiring a professional to get the job done.

Let’s take a look at how much it costs to paint your interior door.

How much does it cost to paint an interior door?

Painting your door by yourself can save you a lot of costs as you don’t have to pay labor costs to paint the door yourself. The average cost of painting your interior door may range between $50 to $120. This includes all the supplies costs, including paint, prime, and other supplies costs.

You will need at least 1 Quart door paint to cover your interior door, and this paint will cost you around $20 to $50. Next, you will need a primer that will cost you around $15 to $30. And other supplies like sandpaper, paintbrush, and other things will cost you around $20 to $40.

However, if you don’t know how to paint a door, then you should hire a professional who can help you get the project done. The hiring cost of a professional can vary a lot based on pro-to-pro and also your location. However, the average cost of hiring a professional can range between $50 to $150.

How much does it cost to paint an exterior door?

The cost to paint an outside door can vary greatly depending on a number of variables, including the style and size of the door, and is normally in the $100 to $300 range. Painting a front door will typically run you between $125 and $225.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that costs could rise for doors with added features, such as sidelights, which might take more time and thorough painting.

Furthermore, you may anticipate the entire cost to be on the upper end of the range if the door requires more than an hour of preparation work, such as sanding, priming, or fixing any existing damage. The final cost of painting an external door ultimately relies on the particular needs and circumstances.

How much is the average cost table of painting a door?

In a very short, I can say for interior door painting, the average cost range is $70 to $200 and for exterior door painting, the average cost range is $100 to $300. For more details, here I have given a details table information.

Included CostsFor Interior DoorFor Exterior Door
Other Supplies$10-$20$20-$40
Labor Cost [2 Hours]$40-$100$60-$150
Total Average Cost$70-$200$100-$300

How much does it cost to paint a door frame?

The price of painting a door frame can vary depending on several things. But here are some ballpark figures to give you a sense of what to expect. If you do it yourself, you may anticipate paying between $50 and $100 for a simple paint job on a frame. The price of the paint, primer, and fundamental painting supplies are included.

When enlisting the services of a professional, anticipate an additional expenditure of $50 to $150 in labor expenses. This figure hinges on factors such as the expert’s hourly rate and the intricacy of the task at hand. It’s vital to note that these are merely approximations, and the real expenditure can fluctuate accordingly.

Factors that affect door and frame painting costs?

The expense of painting doors and frames might vary depending on a number of factors. Therefore, it’s crucial to take these factors into account when setting a budget for any painting job. Knowing these things will enable you to make well-informed choices and guarantee that you achieve your goals.

1. The Type of paint

You will have to pay more for superior materials for painting your door, just as with any home repair job. If you get premium paint and sealer, your building will be able to survive bad weather while retaining a lovely façade. Paints are available in different types, and paint prices can vary depending on the type, quality, and finish.

You can use both water-based and oil-based paint for your door and frame. Generally, oil-based paints are relatively more expensive than any other type of paint. You’ll have to spend money for the primer and sealer your painters use in addition to the price of the paint. However, not all paints require priming and sealer.

2. Door and Frame Material

Your door and frame’s construction material can have a big influence on the ultimate cost of paintwork. Compared to metal or fiberglass doors, wooden doors may need more preparation work, such as sanding and priming. It will take more time and money to prepare the door if it has cracks, dents, or flaking paint because of its bad condition.

3. Door and Frame’s Size and Style

The size of your door and frame, as well as the design, can affect the cost of the paintwork project. Generally, small-sized doors and frames need less cost to paint than larger doors. Moreover, doors and frames that come with complex designs will cost you more compared to doors and frames that feature a pretty simple design.

4. Labor Cost

Labor is one of the main expense factors for painting the doors and frames unless you want to do it yourself. The average hourly pay for a home painter is between $20 and $50 for painting an external door. Remember that painting an outside door might take many hours, even though this might appear rather inexpensive compared to the typical costs we’ve provided.

Ways to Save Money on Painting Door and Frame

Painting your doors and frames can give your home a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Here are several ways to save money on this project:

1. Do It Yourself

You can paint your doors and frames yourself to save a lot of cost. Hiring a professional to paint your door and frame will cost you because professionals will cost you around $20 to $50 per hour. You can eliminate this cost by painting your door and frame yourself.

2. Repaint as Quickly as Possible

You should repaint your door and frame before obvious indications of wear show. Do not wait until the paint begins to flake or peel. You’ll incur a lot more expenses if the preparation task takes two hours to do before painting. However, you’ll save money if the preparation work takes an hour.

3. Choose Budget-Friedly Supplies

Last but not least, you can also opt for budget-friendly supplies to save money from painting doors and frames. There are different paints available at different prices. In general, door paint prices range between $20 to $80. Suppose you choose a cost-effective paint if you want to save cost. Much like paint, you should also choose budget-friendly primer as well as other supplies to save money.

Wrap Up

In the end, there are several variables that affect how much it costs to paint a door and frame, including the materials, size, condition, and labor. DIY painting might be cost-effective, but it takes time and expertise.

Although hiring specialists may result in greater labor expenses, they guarantee a high-quality finish. Assess your needs, give careful planning top priority, select materials that are affordable, and make intelligent decisions to properly control your spending.

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