How to Remove Tape from Wall without Peeling Paint? – Step-By-Step Guide

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Ever wondered why contractors use tape when working on specific projects?

That’s because tapes can stick in almost any situation. But, this is the same reason why people get frustrated when the tape doesn’t come off easily. And, even if they come off, the tape peels a fair amount of paint with it.

So, how to remove the tape from the wall without peeling paint?

Fortunately, there are ways to remove the tape from your wall without spoiling anything. Pulling the tap off the wall without peeling paint is all about doing things the right way. Read on to find out how to remove tape effectively without peeling paint.

What are the Common Causes of Peeled Paint?

1. The tape could be too sticky or too strong for your wall.
2. A room with extremely hot temperatures can make the tape sticky and make it hard to remove smoothly causing paint peel-offs.
3. Pulling off the tape within a specific time frame is important. If you wait for the paint to become dry completely, it will increase the chances of peeling paint.
4. Consider removing the tape gently to avoid peeling paint.
5. When there are tiny holes, debris, or bumps on the surface, the tape won’t sit properly and peels off paint when removed.

How Do You Remove the Tape without Peeling Paint from the Wall?

How Do You Remove the Tape without Peeling Paint from the Wall
How Do You Remove the Tape without Peeling Paint from the Wall

There are a few ways to make sure that you achieve a peel-free paint job. One basic recommendation is to remove the tape at the right time.

The process of removing the tape is conducted in three steps.

1. Make the Tape Soft Before Removing It Off

To get started, you need to make the tape soft before pulling it off. When you soften the tape, it helps to break the molecules that are responsible to make it sticky. While there are a few ways to do that, applying lubricant or heat is the most common. Let’s know about them in detail.

i) Applying Lubricant on the Tape

You can use a commercial solvent like WD40 for this purpose. The best part is, the spray will help soften the tape. Additionally, it will remove the adhesive stains as well. The spray creates a barrier between the wall and the residue. You can consider buying the WD40 Specialist Penetrant in this case.

However, clean the wall with mild soapy water after using the solvent to avoid any kind of stain. Besides, these solvents are highly flammable. So, use them with caution. Petroleum jelly is an alternative to WD40 solvent. Apply the jelly in a small amount on the tape and allow it to sit for a few minutes before peeling off.

ii) Applying Heat on the Tape

Use Hot Water: You can apply heat to the tape to remove it effectively without damaging the paint. Pour a little amount of hot water into a bowl. Take a clean cloth and dip it into the water. Gently press it on the tape and wait until it cools off. Repeat the process until you find the glue coming off the tape.

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Use Iron Heat: You can use iron for this purpose as well. Place a layered tissue or thin towel on the tape. Set the iron high and press against the tissue or towel until you see the tape becoming hot. Don’t involve your hand during the process or it will damage your wall more.

Removing Tape from Wall Using Iron Heat
Removing Tape from Wall Using Iron Heat

Use Hairdryer Heat: Apart from the two ways mentioned above, you can use a hairdryer, too. Connect the device to the nearest power outlet and switch it on. Next, blow heat over the tape for some time. Keep the dryer two to three inches away from the wall. Stop using it when you see the adhesive coming off.

Removing Tape from Wall Using Heat of Hair Drier
Removing Tape from Wall Using Heat of Hair Drier

2. Peel Off the Tape

When you are done softening the adhesive, it’s time for you to pull the tape off. Use a putty knife, a scraper, or your fingernails to lift the corners of the tape.

Cleaning of Tape Residue from Wall
Cleaning of Tape Residue from Wall

Gently peel off the tape by using your fingers. If the tape cools and the adhesive becomes hard during the process, reapply the heat. And, continue with the peeling process.

After Removing Tape from The Wall
After Removing Tape from The Wall

3. Proper Cleaning of the Residue

No wonder, the tape will leave behind some kind of residue and you have to make it clean. While you can buy adhesive remover solvents, there are other options to clean adhesive residue.

i) Use Commercial Removing Product

Other than WD40, other products can remove stubborn residue. In that case, consider using a professional strength adhesive remover that is safe to use on sensitive areas. All you have to do is sprinkle the solvent on the area, leave it for 3 to 5 minutes, and clean it with soapy water.

ii) Use Vinegar Solution

Considered a non-toxic solvent, vinegar is perfect for cleaning surfaces other than cooking. Take a cup of hot water and ¼ cup of vinegar. Add both of them in a bowl while adding a few drops of detergent used for dishwashing. Take a piece of paper towel or cloth and soak the same in the mix. Rub the areas in a circular motion and repeat until the residue is no more.

iii) Remove with Oil

Oil helps loosen the adhesive bond. You can use any kind of oil, be it for cooking or used for babies. Soak a piece of cotton with oil and rub the surface with the adhesive. Continue the process until the residue comes off. Use another cotton wool and soak it in alcohol with a low percentage. Scrub the remnants with it. Keep in mind never to use this technique on matte-printed walls. Or else, the oil will soak into the wall and stain it permanently.

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Removing tape from the wall could be tricky. Hopefully, you have understood how to remove tape without peeling paint from your wall. However, take precautions when using tape while keeping in mind certain factors that can result in peeling paint. Make sure to peel the tape off gently and use solvents or solutions if necessary. Even if you are a professional, removing tape could be challenging. Always use the right tape to complete the whole masking process with ease.

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