Top 5 Best Paint for Outdoor Murals in 2024

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Outdoor murals are a vibrant expression of creativity that can transform spaces and bring communities together. Choosing the best paint for outdoor murals is crucial, as murals are subject to a range of external conditions. The right paint ensures longevity while maintaining the vibrancy and integrity of your masterpiece.

Acrylic paint and exterior-grade latex paint are commonly used for outdoor murals due to their durability, quick drying time, and resistance to fading. Speciality mural paints designed for outdoor use also offer enhanced weather resistance. Spray paint can be used for large areas. You should also apply a clear protective topcoat for extra durability.

This guide will explore the top paint options for outdoor murals that strike an optimal balance between durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re a seasoned muralist or a beginner artist, this comprehensive look at the best paints for outdoor murals will guide you to the perfect choice for your project. So, let’s get started.

What Type of Paint is Best for Outdoor Murals?

When purchasing paint for outdoor murals, it is essential to choose the right type of paint. You can use different types of paint, including acrylic paint, epoxy paint, or spray paint for outdoor murals.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is often recommended for outdoor murals because of its remarkable properties. The artwork will last even when exposed to the weather because of its resilience. This paint’s ability to withstand water shields the mural from moisture, humidity, and rain, avoiding fading or damage. Additionally, artists can work effectively and finish projects more quickly because of how quickly it dries.

Spray Paint

Spray painting has emerged as a favored option for painting outdoor murals due to its ease of use and ability to deliver a smooth finish. Artists find it convenient to work with as it eliminates brushes and allows quick application. Spray paint offers precise control over the paint flow, enabling artists to easily achieve intricate details and precise lines. The versatility of spray paint is another reason for its popularity among muralists.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint stands out as an excellent option for outdoor murals due to its exceptional durability and weather-resistant properties. This type of paint is specifically formulated to withstand harsh elements, including sun exposure, rain, and temperature fluctuations. As a result, murals created with epoxy paint maintain their vibrant colors and integrity for extended periods. However, it’s important to note that epoxy paint can present some challenges during application.

List of 5 Best Paint for Outdoor Murals

Product NamePaint TypeBest ForPrice
MONT MARTE Acrylic Paint Set Acrylic PaintOverall Best Paint for MuralsCheck Price
FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic PaintAcrylic PaintBest Paint for ProfessionalsCheck Price
Montana Mural Spray Paint Acrylic PaintBest Spray Paint For MuralsCheck Price
Nicpro Bulk Acrylic Paint Set Acrylic PaintBest Value for Money paintCheck Price
Chroma Mural Assorted Paint Set Acrylic PaintBest For Top-class FinishCheck Price

Top 5 5 Best Paint for Outdoor Murals Reviews with Pros and Cons

MONT MARTE Acrylic Paint Set – Overall Best Paint for Murals

MONT MARTE Acrylic Paint Set
MONT MARTE Acrylic Paint Set

MONT MARTE Signature Acrylic Paint Set is the first pick on this list of the best paint for outdoor murals. It is a premium-quality paint set that comes in 12 different colors to give you more versatility. It is a versatile paint set suitable for indoor and outdoor paintwork projects, and you can apply it on different types of surfaces.

MONT MARTE Signature Acrylic paint’s strong pigment content and creamy smoothness provide excellent covering power for extensive areas and fine details. Clarity and brightness blend perfectly to ensure a more comprehensive color pallet of colors and tones. With so many colors at your disposal, creativity comes easily.

Furthermore, this top-quality acrylic paint set offers excellent coverage and adhesion. The pigments are rich and opaque, allowing you to achieve bold and vibrant results with fewer coats. The paints also adhere well to different surfaces, ensuring that your artwork will stay in place even in challenging weather conditions.

In terms of durability, the MONT MARTE Signature Acrylic Color Paint Set excels. The paints dry to a durable, water-resistant finish, protecting your murals from water damage and preventing color fading over time. This makes them ideal for long-term outdoor projects. Overall, it is a great paint set that will really impress you with its superior outcome.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

Comes with rich pigments and vibrant colors.

Versatile paint suitable for different surfaces.

It dries quickly and offers superior coverage.

What We Don’t Like

The bottle and cap quality is relatively cheap.

Why Buy This Paint?

MONT MARTE Acrylic Paint Set is really a game-changing paint for any paintwork. This paint comes with high-quality pigment, vibrant colors, and offers a top-class finish. Moreover, it is a versatile paint set that you can use to complete different paintwork in addition to outdoor murals.

FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint – Best Paint for Professionals

FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint
FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint

FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint is another best option for outdoor murals. It is a premium quality and professional grade paint that can provide your desired outcome from painting outdoor murals. This paint comes with several exclusive features and functionalities that make it one of the best options for outdoor murals.

The first and foremost feature of this paint is that it is formulated especially for outdoor use. This paint provides a highly durable and well-protective coating over the surfaces. These features make this painting the best option for painting outdoor murals, as it can retain the color much longer. In fact, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this paint.

Moreover, FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint is a versatile paint that can be used for different paintwork projects. This top-notch quality acrylic paint is compatible with different surfaces, including Metal, Plastic, Wood, Fabric, and so on. It is also available in a lot of color options that will give you more versatility to complete your paintwork project.

This paint is really easy to use, and you can use a paintbrush or roller to apply this paint. Moreover, this paint takes relatively less time to dry and provides a highly durable finish after drying completely. This paint also offers excellent coverage to save your bank. Ultimately, it is a great option for outdoor murals that you should consider.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

Premium-quality and versatile acrylic paint.

Offers a highly durable and long-lasting finish.

Water-base non-toxic formula safe to apply.

What We Don’t Like

This paint is not a perfect option for beginners.

Why Buy This Paint?

FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint provides a top-class finish that offers a highly durable and protective coating over the surface. This water-based versatile acrylic paint is non-toxic, which makes it safe and also easy to use. You can easily apply this paint as it requires no prep or minimal surface preparation.

Montana Mural Spray Paint – Best Spray Paint For Murals

Montana Mural Spray Paint
Montana Mural Spray Paint

When it comes to creating vibrant and durable outdoor murals, having the right paint is essential. The Montana Set of 12 Mural Spray Paint is popular among artists and muralists for its exceptional quality and versatility. Designed specifically for outdoor applications, this paint set offers a range of colors and features that make it a go-to option for bringing artwork to life in outdoor spaces.

The Montana Set of 12 Mural Spray Paint boasts an impressive color selection, providing artists with a broad spectrum of hues to choose from. Whether you’re aiming for bold and vibrant designs or subtle and nuanced tones, this paint set has you covered. The extensive color range allows for creative expression, enabling artists to explore various themes and moods in their outdoor mural projects.

The Montana Mural Spray Paint is formulated to withstand harsh outdoor elements, ensuring your artwork remains intact and vibrant over time. The paint is resistant to fading, chipping, and peeling, which is crucial for maintaining the longevity of outdoor murals. This durability factor makes it an excellent choice for murals that are exposed to sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions.

Another advantage of the Montana Mural Spray Paint is its ease of use. The cans are equipped with a specialized nozzle that allows for precise control and even coverage. Whether you’re working on intricate details or large-scale backgrounds, the spray paint provides a smooth and consistent application, facilitating a seamless painting process.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

High-Quality paint designed for murals.

It offers a durable and protective finish.

Dry quickly and offers excellent coverage.

What We Don’t Like

This paint set is relatively more expensive.

Why Buy This Paint?

Montana Mural Spray Paint is a top-class spray paint that is designed especially for murals. This spray paint set comes with different vibrant color collections to give more versatility to your paintwork. Moreover, it is super easy to apply this paint, and this spray paint takes less time to dry and also offers excellent coverage.

Nicpro Bulk Acrylic Paint Set – Best Value for Money paint

Nicpro Bulk Acrylic Paint Set
Nicpro Bulk Acrylic Paint Set

If you are looking for professional-grade paint for outdoor murals, Nicpro Bulk Acrylic Paint Set is a fantastic option. This paint set is best for those working on outdoor murals and requires a large quantity of paint. This set offers a wide range of vibrant colors and provides excellent coverage and durability for outdoor art projects.

With its generous quantity of paint, this set is perfect for artists working on large-scale outdoor murals. The set includes a variety of colors that can be easily mixed to create custom shades and hues, giving artists the freedom to explore their creativity. It is also water-resistant once dry, providing an additional layer of protection for your outdoor murals.

Durability is another standout feature of this paint set. The acrylic paints in the Nicpro Bulk set are formulated to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations. Your murals will maintain their vibrancy and quality over time without fading or cracking. This ensures that your artwork will stay intact, even in challenging weather conditions.

In terms of coverage, the Nicpro Bulk Acrylic Paint Set excels. The paints have a thick and creamy consistency, allowing for smooth and even application. They provide excellent coverage, requiring fewer coats to achieve the desired opacity. This is particularly beneficial when working on large outdoor surfaces, as it saves time and effort.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

This paint comes in different aesthetic colors.

Offers a long-lasting finish that will never fade.

This non-toxic paint is easy and safe to utilize.

What We Don’t Like

This acrylic paint is relatively thick.

Why Buy This Paint?

The Nicpro Bulk Acrylic Paint Set is a versatile and cost-effective option for outdoor murals. With its wide range of vibrant colors, excellent coverage, and durability, this paint set offers superior outcomes. This acrylic paint set provides artists with the tools they need to create stunning and long-lasting artworks on a large scale.

Chroma Mural Assorted Paint Set – Best For Top-class Finish

Chroma Mural Assorted Paint Set
Chroma Mural Assorted Paint Set

Chroma Mural Assorted Paint Set is an exceptional choice for those seeking professional-grade paint for outdoor murals. Specially curated with outdoor applications in mind, this paint set offers a range of vibrant colors and features. It features high-quality acrylic paints that are specifically formulated to withstand the challenges posed by outdoor environments.

These paints are designed to resist fading, peeling, and cracking, ensuring that your outdoor murals retain their beauty and impact for an extended period. With their exceptional durability, these paints are ideal for murals exposed to sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions. The paints are water-based and low in odor, making them safer to use in outdoor settings.

The paint set also includes a variety of essential colors and shades, ensuring that artists have the tools to mix and match to achieve the desired color palette. The assortment of colors enables you to achieve the desired effects with precision and impact. This flexibility allows for endless possibilities in creating captivating outdoor murals that resonate with the surrounding environment.

Chroma Mural Assorted Paint Set is formulated with a smooth consistency, making them easy to apply and blend. Whether you’re using brushes, rollers, or sponges, the paints glide effortlessly onto surfaces, facilitating a seamless painting process. The quick-drying nature of these paints reduces the waiting time between layers, enabling artists to work efficiently and achieve the desired results promptly.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

Professional-grade paint set for murals.

It comes in several impressive colors.

It has water and fade-resistance features.

What We Don’t Like

This paint is relatively more expensive than others.

Why Buy This Paint?

The Chroma Mural Assorted Paint Set is a top choice for outdoor mural projects. With its assortment of high-quality paints, this set offers vibrant colors, excellent coverage, and durability. You can confidently create captivating outdoor artworks that withstand the elements and maintain their brilliance over time.

How to Choose the Best Paint for Outdoor Murals?

When selecting paint for outdoor murals, prioritize weather resistance, durability, and color vibrancy. Look for paints specifically designed for outdoor use that offer excellent adhesion to various surfaces.

Let’s explore some essential things that you should consider to choose the best paint:

Choose the Paint Type

When selecting the ideal paint for outdoor murals, durability, and weather resistance are crucial factors. Look for paints specifically designed for exterior use, such as acrylic, epoxy, or outdoor latex paints. These formulations offer excellent adhesion and resistance to fading, cracking, and peeling.

Additionally, opt for paints that are water-resistant and UV-resistant to ensure longevity. Consider the surface you’ll be painting on and choose a paint suitable for that material, whether it’s concrete, metal, wood, or another substrate. Prioritize quality over cost to ensure a vibrant and long-lasting mural that can withstand the elements and retain its beauty for years to come.

Outdoor Graffiti Painting
Outdoor Graffiti Painting

Consider Paint Quality

Quality is another important thing to consider when buying paint for outdoor murals. Superior features in higher-grade paints will surely improve your painting experience, despite their minor price premium. In addition to greater longevity, better color retention, and resistance to fading and weathering, quality paint provides a number of advantages.

Your murals will endure longer and be more protected if you invest in high-quality paint. When you consider the long-lasting effects and the joy you’ll get from utilizing the paint, the additional cost is more than justified. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use high-quality paint to keep your outdoor murals looking gorgeous and appealing for years.

Consider The Longevity

When selecting the right paint, longevity is a crucial factor to consider in outdoor murals. Prioritizing long-lasting paint ensures that your mural will withstand the elements and retain its vibrancy over time. Look for paints labelled explicitly as durable, weather-resistant, and formulated for exterior use.

These paints are designed to withstand UV rays, moisture, and temperature changes, ensuring they stay vibrant and intact for an extended period. While other features such as color range and application ease are essential, emphasizing long-lasting qualities firmly guarantees that your outdoor mural will maintain its beauty and impact for years.

Outdoor Flower Murals Painting
Outdoor Flower Murals Painting

Explore Protective Features

When selecting paint for outdoor murals, it is essential to prioritize protective features to ensure longevity and durability. Look for paints that offer excellent resistance to UV radiation, preventing fading and color deterioration over time. Weather resistance is crucial, so choose paints that can withstand varying temperatures, moisture, and exposure to harsh elements.

Opt for paints with strong adhesion properties, allowing them to adhere well to different surfaces and resist peeling or chipping. Additionally, consider paints that protect against mold, mildew, and pollutants. Finally, select paints that are easy to clean and maintain, enabling the mural to stay vibrant and beautiful for an extended period.

Think About Your Budget

Find a balance between cost and quality while deciding on the finest paint for outdoor murals within your budget. High-end paints can be more expensive but may provide more outstanding durability and lifetime. However, spending more money upfront on high-quality paint might save you money over time by lowering the frequency of touch-ups and repainting.

Choose paints that have adequate coverage to reduce the amount of paint required. Consider buying extra paint because it’s sometimes less expensive than buying smaller containers. Remember that speciality paints, such as those with additional protective characteristics, may be more expensive.


When it comes to outdoor murals, choosing the right paint is crucial for longevity and vibrancy. Here I’ve compiled a list of some of the best paint for outdoor murals that will provide you with top-class outcomes from painting outdoor murals. Consider these top picks to create stunning and long-lasting outdoor murals that will stand the test of time.

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