Top 5 Best Paint for Cardboard to Create Stunning Artwork

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Cardboards are one of the popular and versatile choices for creating different paintwork. The options for cardboard crafts are practically unlimited. It’s crazy how many adorable and useful things you can create. Its porosity nature, however, might make it challenging for some paints to adhere to it. So, looking for the Best Paint for Cardboard?

Although different types of paints are available with various features and functions, you should use a particular type of paint for painting cardboard. Acrylic paint is the best way to go through; however, you can also use spray or oil-based paint for painting cardboard and making incredible art.

In this article, I’m set to explore some of the best and most perfect paint for painting cardboard. I’ll also give you some tips for choosing the best product. So, keep reading this article, get the best paint and start your next DIY project with so much confidence.

What Type of Paint Is Best for Cardboard?

Cardboard is a particular type of surface where not all paint adheres well. So, you should use particular types of paint for painting this surface. Generally, acrylic paint is the best option for cardboard, but spray and oil-based paints can also be used.

1. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is the first and the most popular option for painting cardboard. This paint is easy to use as well as affordable compared to other formulas. This formula is consistent with oil-based paints since neither will saturate or permeate cardboard.

2. Spray Paint

Spray Paint is another perfect choice for painting cardboard. Its most significant advantage may be that drying does not require a lengthy wait. You will have to wait around 15 to 30 minutes after the adhesive has been put on the cardboard. Additionally, this type of paint doesn’t harm the cardboard.

3. Oil-based Paint

Oil-based paint is the last option, which takes a while to dry but gives your painting a more realistic appearance. This type of formula lets you add aesthetic textures to the painting’s surface. Oil paints produce paintings with distinct layers, making them ideal for aesthetic effects like highlighting as well as shading.

List of Top 5 Best Paint for Cardboard

Product NameWhy ConsiderPrice
ARTEZA Outdoor Acrylic PaintEditor’s ChoiceCheck Price
Krylon ColorMaster Spray PaintBest For ProfessionalCheck Price
Mont Marte Acrylic PaintBest For Color OptionsCheck Price
Rust-Oleum Painter’s Spray PaintMost Affordable OptionCheck Price
Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint SetMost Versatile PaintCheck Price

Top 5 Best Paint for Cardboard Reviews, Pros and Cons

1. Editor’s Choice: ARTEZA Outdoor Acrylic Paint

ARTEZA Outdoor Acrylic Paint
ARTEZA Outdoor Acrylic Paint

ARTEZA Outdoor Acrylic Paint is the first pick on this list of the best paint for cardboard. These paints are the only ones you need to consider if you want a rich paint hue. This popular acrylic craft paint set comes with 20 Colors/Bottles, making it the best option for color selection. With this 20-piece acrylic paint set, you may expand your collection’s variety of paints.

It is a versatile formula that can be applied on different surfaces like Canvas, Wood, Rock, Fabric, and Leather in addition to cardboard. These paints do promise that they are water-based, scuff-resistant, self-sealing, and appropriate for indoor and outdoor usage.

As a result, these paints are suitable for prolonged sun exposure, indicating that their light persistence meets the ASTM I requirement. With this versatile collection of acrylic paints, you may produce colorful crafts and paintings that you can use to beautify your area.

This Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set can let you make a customized welcome sign or decorate a flower pot with a particular pattern. Overall, the outdoor acrylic paints from Arteza have a lot to offer to a wide range of painters with varied degrees of experience. Start by adding this Outdoor Acrylic Paint Set to your collection to elevate your outdoor décor.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

This package comes with 20 different unique colors.

Premium pigments give artwork a rich and impressive finish.

These paints are Suitable for indoor and also outdoor use.

What We Don’t Like

Low viscosity makes these paints challenging to work with.

Why Buy This Paint?

ARTEZA Outdoor Acrylic Paints are professional-grade formulas that offer impressive outcomes from ultimate artwork projects. This set comes with 20 different unique colors, and these colors will not fade over time. This scuff-resistant, the self-sealing formula will allow you to expand your creative possibilities.

2. Best For Professional: Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint

Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint
Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint

Krylon ColorMaster Paint and Primer is the best spray paint for cardboard on this list. It is a premium-quality, versatile paint used for different painting projects. You can apply this formula on various surfaces, including fabric, wood, glass, metal, plastic, canvas, and cardboard. The product’s finishes are first-rate and can be applied to any surface type.

It is an all-in-one formula that comes with added primer making it simple to use. Moreover, it is available in different aesthetic colors as well as other finishes. The trigger/nozzle is bigger than those on typical spray cans due to ergonomic design considerations. This makes it simpler to manage the spray’s pressure as you spread the paint.

Although the paint sprayer is simple to operate, the tip cannot be adjusted, making it challenging to paint from particular angles. You have access to a wide choice of colors in this palette, many of which have many types of finishes. Because of the quick drying period, both interior and outdoor work may be completed.

The paint dries pretty quickly—within 15 minutes—and comes in various vibrant hues. Spray away, then wait for the pigment to dry before touching anything else. Therefore, you should choose the best spray paint for painting cardboard if your work might use a bit more shine.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

The glossy texture will give your artwork a powerful feel.

Suitable for painting on both hard and soft surfaces.

The best corrosion protection is provided for painting.

What We Don’t Like

This spray paint is relatively more expensive than others.

Why Buy This Paint?

Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint is an industry-standard paint that is the best option for professionals. The colors are designed for use both inside and outside, and it has a specific capacity to adapt to challenging surfaces. Moreover, it is available in several colors as well as finishes.

3. Best For Color Options: Mont Marte Acrylic Paint

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint
Mont Marte Acrylic Paint

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint is another best acrylic paint sets for cardboard. The variety of colors offered by Mont Marte is accessible in both matte and gloss finishes, making it adaptable to practically any need. This package includes 24 brilliant colors in handy 36ml tubes that are appropriate for most artistic mediums and methods.

This premium-quality, creamy paints provide excellent covering power for extensive areas and little details. Clarity, as well as brightness, offer superior color blending to ensure a unique color pallet of colors and also tones. Ideal for most painting surfaces, like Canvas, Wood, Paper, Leather, Fabric, Cardboard, and Crafts, and versatile for most artistic mediums and methods.

 With optimal-quality pigments, Mont Marte produces outstanding works of art. It is 100% water-based paint that dries swiftly and offers incredibly strong adhesive. You can create stunning paintings on any surface with this premium-quality formula.

By using a variety of color palettes, tones, and tints, you can provide your painting with a beautiful color combination and make it clear and vibrant. These paints are ideal for painting, stuffing with sand, or even creating a light source from crumpled paper.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

Numerous color combinations make choosing colors easier.

Your work looks to be bold and highly color-mixable.

You can increase the coverage area with impressive texture.

What We Don’t Like

These paints will be challenging to use for beginners.

Why Buy This Paint?

Mont Marte Acrylic Paints are premium quality formulas that are suitable for any artwork. This set comes with 24 different striking colors, making it a versatile option for artwork. These paints are ideal if you want to add high-quality textures and a creamy feel to your artwork.

4. Most Affordable Option: Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint

Rust Oleum Painters Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum Painter’s Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint is one of the most versatile and best ways to go through in terms of painting cardboard. You can choose any finish, from satin to high-gloss, in different colors. This premium-quality formula provides excellent adherence, durability, coverage, and color.

It can be utilized on various surfaces, including plaster, ceramic, glass, metal, wicker, plastic, and wood. You can utilize this spray paint for various indoor and outdoor applications. Due to its high glossy coating, this spray paint is ideally suited for utilization as topcoat paint.

The spray is manufactured with an oil-based composition and has no unpleasant odor. When you spray odorless paints, it doesn’t bother your breathing. The spray paint keeps the paintwork durable by preventing chipping and extending its lifespan. You don’t have to put in a lot of work to boost durability.

This spray paint may be used for some purpose, and the glossy finish gives the surface a shining brilliance. The painting has an amazing, ultra-matte surface thanks to the spray. The spray paint dries in about 20 minutes, so there is no need to spend a long time. Applying this paint merely takes a few minutes and is ideal for achieving an opulent appearance.

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

Offers highly durable and also long-lasting coating.

It takes less time to dry and offers excellent coverage.

This paint is available in different colors and finishes.

What We Don’t Like

The application will be relatively tricky for beginners.

Why Buy This Paint?

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint is one of the best and most perfect solutions for painting cardboard. It offers a variety of advantages that will help painters advance. So, if you are looking for the best budget spray paint for cardboard, this one is the best option for you.

5. Most Versatile Paint: Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set

Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set
Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set

This acrylic paint kit is your best ally if you want to succeed in creating a painting of the highest caliber. It is a set of premium-quality and versatile paints that can be used to create stunning artwork. It will guarantee the best performance from artists of any level, amateur to expert.

In order to produce a dramatic painting with clarity, the specifically designed color aims at the uniformity of color mixing as well as blending. Both liquid and thick, these colors maintain excellent consistency to hold brush or spatula markings. Your artwork will have a striking, bold finish as a result.

You may apply these colors on any surface without any hesitation. The paints may be used to decorate canvas, wood, glass, and greeting cards. Additionally, it may be used with paper, plastic, ceramic, craft foam, and chalkboard easels. The colors are created with a non-toxic solution for comfort and safety.

They also seem to have a deep, vibrant texture and increased durability that dries swiftly. Additionally, they will also provide you with three extra paintbrushes to help you save money on brush purchases. The colors challenge you to paint your fantasy, regardless of your experience level. This kit provides a springboard for moving further with drawing!

What We Like and Don’t Like

What We Like

Premium quality formulas ensure high-quality performance.

It comes with included paintbrushes that make painting easier

Non-toxic solution keeps your hands secure when painting.

What We Don’t Like

The quality of the added paintbrush is not excellent.

Why Buy This Paint?

Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paints are a versatile and professional way to get your artwork done. These paints come in different aesthetic colors and are available in various qualities. This paint set will guarantee the best performance from artists of any level, from amateur to expert.

Expert Tips to Choose the Best Paint for Cardboard

Let’s explore some of the important things you will have to consider to choose the best paint for cardboard.

Choose Paint Type

Paint type is the first thing to consider when you purchase paint for painting cardboard. I already clarified what type of paint is the best option to get this paintwork job done easily. Now it is time to choose the type that you prefer.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and professional-grade solution, acrylic paint is ideal. On the other hand, if you are seeking something easy to use, you should use spray paint. Oil-based paint offers a more realistic and impressive finish but is relatively expensive.

Consider Paint Color and Finish.

Paint color and finish are other essential things that you should consider to choose the best paint for an aesthetic look. Since you are going to create amazing artwork, getting a paint set with multiple colors, like Mont Marte Acrylic Paint, will be best. This paint set comes in 24 different colors. However, if you are going to single-package paint like Krylon ColorMaster, then chooses the best color you need.

Like color, the finish is also an important thing that you should choose first. Paints are available in different finishes like satin, flat, matte, gloss, and much more. However, a gloss finish is the best way to go through. You can also choose a paint with a flat finish for painting cardboard.

Ease of Use and Drying Time

You should also consider the paint application method to know whether it is easy or complicated to use. Paint that comes with complicated application methods will be hard to apply for beginners and also waste a lot of time to complete the ultimate project. You should choose a paint that is easy to use, even for beginners. You should also go for paint that takes less time to dry.

Consider Your Budget

Last but not least, you should also consider your budget before choosing a paint. You can get a lot of paint on the marketplace at different prices. While some are really expensive, others are available at relatively affordable prices and let you complete your ultimate project within a budget.

The best acrylic paints set for cardboard are available at around $20 to $40. You can also get a single pack or 2-5 set packages at less price. On the other hand, spray paint for cardboard can cost you around $5 to $30 per can. Keep in mind that if you want to purchase premium-quality paint, you will have to pay relatively much cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Best Paint for Cardboard?

Acrylic paint is the best option for painting cardboard. You can also get spray paint or oil-based paint. These formulas also ensure excellent performance for painting cardboard.

Can I use spray paint on cardboard?

Yes, spray paint will work on cardboard. The cardboard should first be covered in white primer; this is the best approach. Apply two to three coats of the favourite color after allowing it to dry for around 15 minutes. However, you should wait at least 30 minutes before applying 2nd coating.

Should I Prime Cardboard Before Painting?

It is advised to prime the cardboard with a suitable primer before painting it. Primer adds an additional layer between the paint and the surface, which lets the paint stick well to the cardboard surface. It makes the surface of the item being painted smoother, the shade of the color more uniform, and it prolongs the life of the paint.

Can I make painted cardboard Waterproof?

YES! It is possible to make your painted cardboard waterproof. To make cardboard waterproof, you can treat it with polyurethane, paint it with clear acrylic, or seal it with lacquer spray. Although these protective layers are safe in and of themselves, they should always be applied in a well-ventilated area.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, you can use acrylic, spray, or oil-based paint to paint your cardboard. While acrylic is the most cost-effective option, spray paint is best for those looking for an easy-to-use solution. However, here I discussed the top 5 best paint for cardboard that may help you choose the best product. My provided guide can also help you choose the best paint for painting cardboard.

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